Sound Meditation for Creative Writing

Instructor:Ashley Isello
Date(s):Saturday, June 1st
Tuition:Members: $30, Non-Members: $35
Location:Hunterdon Art Museum
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Indulge in a 90-minute Sound Bath and creative writing journey led by Ashley from Harmonic Living, blending tranquility with self-expression in an immersive sound experience. Discover the profound benefits of sound healing as you’re guided through meditation, enveloped in the soothing tones of Himalayan singing bowls renowned for their healing frequencies. Ease into a state of relaxation where stress dissipates, focus sharpens, and meditation deepens. After the Sound Bath, delve into creative writing, allowing the experience to inspire your thoughts and emotions onto the page. Whether seeking stress relief, exploring holistic wellness, or simply curious, this event invites you to nurture mindfulness and self-awareness, fostering harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Join us on this transformative journey towards greater well-being.

Meet the Instructor!

Ashley is a New Jersey-based Sound Practitioner who aims to help others reconnect with their inner self, release stress, and restore energetic balance through the power of sound. She is also a member of the Drew Writing Project and collaboratively hosts monthly creative writing/ poetry circles. Ashley completed her level l & II sound training with the esteemed Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School and specializes in integrating sound meditation experiences with creative writing opportunities. Ashley is committed to holding space for others on their journey of authentic self-expression.

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