Opening Reception: January 2024 Exhibitions

Date: January 21, 2024 @ 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Cost: $FREE
Hunterdon Art Museum
7 Lower Center Street
Clinton, NJ 08809

Join us at HAM for an opening reception celebrating the launch of three captivating exhibitions: ‘Cynthia Carlson: Serious Play’, ‘Kate Dodd: New Work’, and ‘Ellen Siegel: Tell Me a Story’. Hear engaging talks by the exhibiting artists and guest curator Mary Birmingham.

Cynthia Carlson: Serious Play

This exhibition is a focused view of Carlson’s work from the last two decades, highlighting her playful explorations of color, shape, pattern, and multidimensional canvases. “Serious Play” is a testament to Carlson’s ever-evolving style and her ability to infuse humor and playfulness into her art.

Kate Dodd: New Work

Experience Kate Dodd’s unique approach to environmental art in “New Work,” where everyday objects are transformed into thought-provoking installations. Dodd’s ability to repurpose materials reflects her commitment to finding value in overlooked and discarded aspects of our daily life.

Ellen Siegel: Tell Me a Story

Explore the narrative power of art with Ellen Siegel’s ‘Tell Me a Story’. Her assemblages, rich in storytelling, invite you to a world where objects weave intricate tales, prompting personal interpretation and connection.

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