Hot Stone Restorative Chakra Workshop

Age:Adults & teens 16 & up
Instructor:Stephanie Moore
Time:5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Date(s):Friday, 2/10
Tuition:$35 member, $40 non-member
Location:Hunterdon Art Museum
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During this specialized 2 hour Restorative Yoga Workshop, the healing benefits of hot stone placement, Aromatherapy and Restorative Yoga are combined to give participants a therapeutic experience through the chakra system. 7 different blends of essentials oils crafted to awaken the each chakra will be diffused during each pose. Hot Stones are placed strategically along meridian channels to raise the vibrational fields of the body and provide a feeling of deep relaxation. Think spa treatment meets your yoga mat! Restorative Yoga is a beautiful antidote to a stressful, busy life, it is an approach to yoga that is accessible to all levels of practice. All postures are done on the ground with multiple props so that the body is supported at all times. Restorative Yoga allows the nervous system to calm, the breath to slow and the mind to rest.

Please bring a yoga mat, two throw blankets, two bed pillows, and an eye pillow or eye mask if you have one.  The more props you bring the more comfortable you will be. 

Please register in advance.

Stephanie is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Availing herself to her background in psycho spiritual therapy, Stephanie weaves thought-provoking manifestations throughout her classes, applying spiritually-guided wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. She encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other, to the world, and to the universe at large.  During her class, you’ll be connecting with your heart and finding gratitude for simply being alive. You will walk away from class empowered, closer to the truth of yourself, and remembering who you really are. Follow her on Instagram @mindbodyspiritinbalance.

Image courtesy of Kasey Powell Photography.

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