How will online classes take place?

The Hunterdon Art Museum utilizes the Zoom platform service to conduct our online classes via live video/audio with instructors, where they’ll receive feedback, instruction, discussions with others in the group, and share work and ideas.

What do I need to participate?

Zoom is accessible via all operating systems and devices with a microphone and camera. You can access it through your desktop, laptop or tablet, or phone.

How will I login to the class?

We will send each student a calendar invite for every date their class is set to meet, as well as a reminder email each week. The calendar invite and reminder email will contain the link needed to access your class, which you simply click when it’s time to join.

You will be prompted to load the Zoom application the first time you access it, which only takes a moment. Take a look at the videos below for more detailed instructions.

How will my online class be different than classes in person?

While you may be attending class remotely, we are proud to have a roster of talented and engaging instructors who will be adjusting the course curriculum to fit with the hybrid setting. We’re confident the online setting will provide a great opportunity to interact with fellow students and instructors.

For additional questions, please email Natalie Bober, Education Coordinator, at [email protected].