Yoga & Wellness Programs

Our yoga and wellness programs provide a safe environment to strengthen and grow your mind, body, and spirit. We provide classes for people of all ages, body types, and levels of experience, free from comparisons and led by dedicated, experienced teachers. Please check back in the near future to see our upcoming yoga programs!

Art of Restoration Series

Led by Kimberly Borin, this series of Wellness Workshops focuses on the art of restoration and it’s connection to yoga in three different ways. They are designed so that students can attend one without taking the others.

Part 1 of this series has already passed. Please consider signing up for parts 2 and 3 even if you missed the first part!

Part 2: Yoga and the Practice of Kintsugi: In this two-hour restorative class, we will begin with gentle yoga, breath work, and rest. After our practice, we will work with watercolors and gold paint to learn about the Japanese art of Kintsugi and golden pottery repair. We will use this method and metaphor to explore our own places of mending and healing. Please join us for this nourishing and inspirational class as we stretch together and highlight our moments of healing. Sunday, September 24th, 10am-12pm

Part 3: Yoga and the Healing Power of Nature: This two-hour class offers gentle and restorative yoga combined with a mindful walk in nature. We will discuss Shin-Rin Yoku, the healing practice of forest bathing, and learn how time in nature enhances our creativity, our healing, and our brain. Please join us for this time of stretching, relaxing, and embracing the benefits of the natural world. Sunday, October 22nd, 10am-12pm; RAIN DATE: Sunday, October 29th, 10am-12pm

The Art of Mindfulness and Meditation Series

Led by Dr. Beate Stych and Bonnie Berkowitz, this two part wellness series focuses on guiding participant in ways to bring mindfulness and meditation into their every day life, first through understanding how to keep mindfulness at the forefront of daily life and then through learning to integrate mindfulness into the process of art-making and creation. Participation in either workshop does not require participation in the other, though all are encourage to take advantage of both of these opportunities!

Part one of this series has passed. Please consider joining us for part two, regardless of whether you were present for part one!


Part 2: The Mindfulness of Art-Making: With a mindful presence, and without judgment, in this second of a two-part series, we will further our meditation practice and invite art making into the experience. Developing a daily meditative creative practice may reduce the stress we carry and strengthen our ability to concentrate as we learn to set aside important time for self care. The union of breath and art making can be immediate and achievable. Setting skillful intentions with a focus on mindfulness will be paired with creative prompts in order to visually express without stress. Both new and experienced artists can benefit from creating art in service of taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. Sunday, October 15th, 1pm-4pm.