Nona Hershey: In the Cloud

Nona Hershey, Sensors 11 (Surveillance), detail, 2022, Watercolor, graphite powder, gouache, 40”x 40”, Courtesy of the artist
May 21 - September 3, 2023

In this period of intensely partisan agitation when many of us have been glued to the news, worried about climate change, the pandemic, and the role of social media, one can’t help but be aware of all of the technology we have “in the cloud” and how pervasive it is.  

Our over saturation with screens, often showing different views of the same catastrophe on multiple screens, contribute to a feeling of anxiety, heightened by the speed at which things collide. Although we can’t see the signals that all of our devices emit, their energy is palpable, changing our perception of time and place. We instantaneously analyze, pixelate, and quantify the components of our daily experiences, transforming occurrences into digital memory. Visually, it is now normal for us to see up, under, through, magnified, and pixelated. 

In these works, I want the proximity of disparate information – sometimes clashing- and sometimes morphing (as if permeating the other), to reflect both conflict, as well as the possibility of absorbing differences through reconciliation.

~Nona Hershey


Nona Hershey, Sensors 11 (Surveillance), 2022, Watercolor, graphite powder, gouache, 40”x 40”, Courtesy of the artist

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