Art of Mindfulness & Meditation Part 1: Living a Balanced Life

Part 1
Age:Adults 18+
Instructor:Beate Stych
Date(s):Sunday, September 10th
Tuition:Members: $25 Non-Members: $30
Location:Hunterdon Art Museum
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In today’s fast-paced world with multitasking and around-the-clock networking it is easy to lose touch with ourselves and what matters most in our lives. Many of us long to experience calmness, less day-to-day stress, and rediscover what brings true meaning to us. Finding balance means not only how we manage our active lives but also how we cultivate an inner balance and peacefulness from within. Mindfulness and mediation have been popularized in the media and social media as ‘tools’ to achieve a more balanced, healthier, and happier life, and they have become an integral part of wellness offerings.

But what exactly is ‘mindfulness’ – what does it mean and how can practicing mindfulness and meditation help us live meaningful lives and experience an inner balance we crave? As importantly, is this right for me and can mindfulness practices and meditation fit into my already busy life? In this program, we will explore these and other questions to demystify some misconceptions around meditation. We will discuss and practice mindfulness approaches and, in a safe environment with like-minded peers, explore mindfulness meditation, and how to incorporate these practices into our day-to-day lives.

Join us if mindfulness has been on your mind: if you crave a more balanced life; if you considered or explored meditation before; if you have a regular meditation practice and enjoy guided meditations; or if you simply want to expand your understanding of these topics. No experience necessary!

We greatly appreciate that you register in advance (but walk-ins are welcome).

Dr. Beate Stych received her medical doctorate degree from the University of Vienna, Austria, and spent a long career in medical sciences and clinical research bringing scientific advances to the medical community. While working in the medical field, she developed a great interest in eastern philosophies and Buddhism and the ‘mind-body’ connection for optimal physical and mental health. She is a certified resilience program teacher, is certified in contemplative psychotherapy and mindfulness & meditation and previously applied acupuncture. In her daily life, she practices meditation and yoga and continues to expand and share her knowledge in contemplative approaches to life and wellbeing.

All proceeds from this workshop benefit the Hunterdon Art Museum. For income-sensitive pricing, please contact Donna de Ville at [email protected].

Interested in participating in both sessions of this program? Visit the package bundle page here and receive a discounted tuition!

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