Print Jam

July 16 - September 3, 2023

Print Jam celebrates Hunterdon Art Museum’s 70th anniversary.  It is a collaboration between the Museum, Steamroller Group (Susan Mania, Val Sivilli, and Kazaan Viveiros), and 18 other artists from the region who came together to make prints. Artists spent a day teaching, learning, making, and collaborating at HAM. While each artist brought their own style to their work, the energy and joy that emanated from working beside each other and often learning from each other was exciting.  They generously contributed their work so that those who support HAM can receive an original print.  We are grateful to all who took part and are proud to exhibit the beautiful prints that came out of a day of camaraderie and generosity.

Seventy years ago, Hunterdon Art Museum was founded by community members.  Today, HAM remains committed to the community. Print Jam affirms this, allowing us to connect two vital communities. Without artists and donors, Hunterdon Art Museum would be unmoored.

Our thanks go to Susan, Val and Kazaan for immediately saying yes when this project was presented to them and for taking it on with the care, expertise, and follow through that has made working with them a delightful experience. 

The prints in this exhibition (and variations of those prints) are available to donors who give $70 or more to our 70th Anniversary Campaign. Click here to learn more.

Exhibiting Artists:

Cay Maria Adams
Bonnie Berkowitz
Berendina Buist
Victoria Cali
Aylin Green
Elizabeth Jacobs
Peter Jacobs
Heejung Kim
Bruce Lindsay
Susan Mania

Len Merlo
Bill Miller
Longia Miller
Liz Mitchell
Hilary Peirce
Mary Schwartzenberger
Val Sivilli
Nicole Strafaci
Elie Porter Trubert
Kazaan Viveiros
Kathleen Ward


Print Jam was supported in part by Dick Blick Art Materials.


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The land upon which Hunterdon Art Museum is located is part of the traditional territory of the Lenni-Lenape, called “Lenapehoking.” We acknowledge the Lenni-Lenape as the original people of this land.


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