2023 Members Exhibition

One member will win a future solo exhibition!

September 28, 2023 - January 7, 2024

We are pleased to announce that Teresa Shields has been selected by juror João (Juno) Zago as the winner of the Member Highlight solo exhibition.

Teresa Shields' 'Seedbed', 2020: White wool forms dangle from a walnut board.

Teresa Shields, Seedbed, 2020, wet felted hollow forms (wool), magnets, walnut board, 6” x 48” x 8”


Through repetition the pods insist on being seen. They appear uniform in shape and size but at a closer look they are notably unique-made by hand not nature.

Close-up of 'Seedbed': wool shapes hang from a wood board.

Seedbed (detail)

The pods, based on the maple seed, are not an exact realistic replica of the seed, but capture the essence, an artist’s interpretation. The placement on the board implies movement and the different lengths of the pod stems are like an interpretive dance. The clusters are not arranged in a regimented fashion and it is a direct contrast to the straight lines of the wooden board.

This is the second time Teresa Shields has combined wood and fiber in a bigger piece. The first was her Trending Threads Installation shown at Abington Art Center in 2017. While Shields’ home was being renovated in 2011, she became interested in wood, because many of the new design elements featured reclaimed lumber-and she was hooked. This was also the first time she considered using hidden magnets in the wood to give the work a sense of wonder, magic, and an element of play.

Teresa first learned how to make felted wool at a two week intensive study at Penland School of Crafts in 2016. Her other fiber work is more intricate, but she has been working diligently in her studio reverse engineering her vision and using math and partially felted wool and wool roving to make soft sculptures. This piece, Seedbed, has 61 individually wet felted hollow forms that are the pods. Strands of wool roving are wrapped around a custom sized resist and with warm soapy water and agitation the wool is felted into form. She worked on this piece over several months-on a good day she could make about six pods. She met a woodworker who was actually using reclaimed lumber and magnets in his own work so they collaborated to make the custom walnut board with hidden magnets to convey her idea.

Learn more about Teresa Shields at teresashieldsart.com.

Congratulations to Jeanine Pennell for winning the Hunterdon Art Museum Prize

Jeanine Pennell's 'Blue and yellow monster costume (hiding in plain sight)': Stoneware with child's face, playful yet eerie.

Jeanine Pennell, Blue and yellow monster costume (hiding in plain sight), 2023, stoneware paperclay, 24″ x 18″ x 7″

Learn about Jeanine Pennell at bonetownstudio.com.

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João (Juno) Zago immigrated to the US in 2005 from Brazil. He is an artist and the Creative Director at Gallery Aferro in Newark. In that role, he takes the lead on the Gallery’s exhibition and programmatic schedule. He has also curated for Newark Open Doors: Citywide Arts Festival.

Zago’s work has been exhibited at Gallery Aferro, Index Art Center, Equal Space and Akwaaba Gallery all in Newark; at Studio Montclair in Montclair; Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, NY; The New Jersey State Museum in Trenton; the Newark Museum of Art in Newark; and the Morris Museum in Morristown. He is a 2020 grant recipient of the Newark Artist Accelerator Fund. 

Zago has a BA in Visual Art from Ramapo College of New Jersey.

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