2022 Members Exhibition

Aleksandar Popovic, Endangered Land IX, (detail), 2021, oil and wax on linen, 42” x 60”
October 2, 2022 - January 8, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Lewis Wexler, juror of our 2022 Members Exhibition, has selected Aleksandar Popovic as the winner of the Member Highlight solo exhibition

Aleksandar Popovic, Endangered Land IX, 2021, oil and wax on linen, 42” x 60”

Popovic’s Endangered Land IX is a part of his larger Endangered Land series, one of his three most recent bodies of work dealing with the general recognition that some irrevocable events in the future may change the face of our planet, leading to different conditions in which we populate physical and geographical spaces.

“This work reflects, on a more general level, the necessity of a global collaborative project for human survival and coexistence. It opens important questions: What are our hopes as we emerge on the other side after a passage through a turbulent time? How do we rebuild a new environment and reconnect with each other? What will the new landscapes in this future world look like?” ~Aleksandar Popovic

Aleksandar Popovic is a painter who employs different methods of drawing and paint application to render arresting images that are grouped in a few separate bodies of work. During various periods he has pursued an interest in the figure and explored how it interacts with the space around it. This is evident in his early work, during his years spent in the Former Yugoslavia. After being awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and moving to New York, his paintings focused on the observational nature of the figure.

Popovic has exhibited in numerous one person and group shows including Kips Gallery, New Renaissance Gallery and Synchronicity Space in New York City, Alexandria Museum of Art, Louisiana, Stephaneum Institute in Serbia, Limlip Museum, Gongju Korea and St.Martin’s School of Art in London.  He received Arthur Ross Award for mural painting in 2003, a Charles G. Shaw Memorial Award for Painting in1991, a J. William Fulbright Award in 1988, a British Council Award in 1982 and a Petar Lubarda Award for Painting in 1981.

Courtesy of the Artist

Click here to learn more about Aleksandar Popovic.

Congratulations to Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar for Winning the
Hunterdon Art Museum Prize

Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar, Disintegration #8, 2022, sewing pattern, paper, thread, fabric, ink, graphite, gouache, 60″ x 60″

“My Art during COVID began to shift inward. I began to work on found materials. I discovered old upholstery patterns my Mom had used during my youth when she started an upholstery business to help make ends meet. With a new observation on memory and how one experiences them joined with recycled materials that were personal, I began a new series.” ~Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar.

Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar is a contemporary artist living and working in New Jersey. Her compelling and emotional artworks look to speak to the primitive side of the human existence and how that relates to modern day life. Christine focuses on the female form as her muse, mostly conjured from self-portraits, where she utilizes her body to manipulate feelings of a quiet rage within women in the more domestic interiors of lives not usually viewed as remarkable or unique. She works to search out the uniting thread of feminism in the dark spaces of suburban life, and looks to thrust the spotlight on the unsaid struggles and betrayals of women in our current society.

Click here to learn more about Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar.

Congratulations to the Artists Selected for This Year's Show:

  • Susan Amann

  • Jennifer Evans Arbo

  • Christine Barney

  • Richard Begbie

  • Bonnie Berkowitz

  • Larry Chestnut

  • Linda Rae Coughlin

  • Jennifer Croson

  • Lynn Croton

  • James A. DePietro

  • Dan Dolce

  • Sally Dougan

  • Don Esch

  • Rosemary Fellner

  • James Fiorentino

  • Rick Fisher

  • Valerie Huhn

  • James Irvine

  • Betty Jacobsen

  • Nancy Koenigsberg

  • Gabriela Lindemulder

  • Alex Maxwell

  • Florence Moonan

  • Marianne Moore

  • Mark Allen Natale

  • Aleksandar Popovic

  • Alayne Sahar

  • Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar

  • Leslie Ross Stephens

  • Shirley Supp

  • Kazaan Viveiros

Learn About This Year's Artists:


Wexler Gallery owner, Lewis Wexler, began his career in the arts in the late 1980s as Assistant Vice President of 20th Century Decorative Arts at Christie’s auction house in New York City. Following his work at Christie’s, Lewis worked with world-renowned French art Deco dealer Anthony Delorenzo at his Madison Avenue gallery. He has lectured extensively throughout the United States at institutions including The Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, The Furniture Society Conference, UBS’ Annual Global Media & Communications Conference, and SOFA Chicago (Sculptural Objects Functional Art fair). He has been featured in various national publications and appeared on the cover of Art & Antiques magazine in October 2005. Committed to the promotion of finely crafted work that pushes the perception of art, craft, and Design, Lewis has also been on the jury to select work for important exhibitions throughout the US.

Wexler Gallery opened in 2000 in the historic district of Old City in Philadelphia and later expanded its presence to New York City in 2018. Since its inception, the gallery has proudly showcased extraordinary work by both established artists and the emerging talent of today. Learn more about Wexler Gallery here.

Lewis and Sherry Apter Wexler in their Philadelphia gallery. Photo Credit: Trevor Dixon.

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