Employee Spotlight: Donna de Ville

November 5, 2022

In her new role as the Museum's Director of Education and Community Engagement, Donna will play a key role in exploring and establishing new, innovative ways to broaden our studio programs and community reach. She joins us with more than 14 years...

Adventures in embroidery: ‘Thread Hijack’ at Hunterdon Art Museum showcases consistent creativity

October 28, 2022

This show, which will be on view at the Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton until Jan. 8, is a passionate love letter to colored string and a playful, needle-sharp investigation of its creative possibilities. Mary Birmingham’s curation doesn’t feel daring, even though it is. It’s also quietly defiant. Even within the still-marginalized field of fiber art, embroidery is infrequently celebrated. The smart, subtly muscular “Thread Hijack” could help change that.