Workshops For Scouts

Art Workshops for Scouts

All of our scouts programs operate with a 5 scout minimum and 15 scout maximum. For groups larger than 15, please contact Kate Mahoney. Scout levels mentioned below are suggestions based on badges. Scouts of an age level not listed may still participate in the workshop; however, it may not satisfy the requirements for a badge at their level. To request a workshop, please use the form below. Please contact Kate Mahoney ([email protected]) with any questions.

To request a program, please use this form.

Thank you for your interest in the Scout Programs at the Hunterdon Art Museum! Below is a list of our scout program offerings. For more details on each program, including length and pricing, please view this PDF.


The Art of Drawing 

Learn the basics of drawing by discussing and practicing topics such as shading, negative and positive space, gradation, and more! Students will learn technical drawing skills and put these skills to use by creating their own mounted drawing based on a still-life scene!

The Art of Painting

Learn about and explore the essential concepts of painting, including the various mediums of paint, brush technique and care, and more! Students will use acrylic paints on canvas to create their own masterpieces, while learning the specifics of brush strokes, gradation, shadows, and highlights along the way!

Outdoor Artist

Scouts of all ages will be able to use natural materials to create art inspired by Nature and the Outdoors. Scouts will be using seasonal materials and themes, utilizing leaves, sticks, fiber, and other materials found outside, in addition to drawing and painting materials. In the case of inclement weather, the scouts will still be able to explore nature from the warmth of the HAM studios.

Public Speaker

This course offers the troop an opportunity to get a feel for performing solo, awareness of body language and the thrill of choosing a piece to perform and having fun onstage. Our resident HAM drama instructor will lead the troop through fun theatre exercises and help guide the girls in finding their voice. Learning to be comfortable speaking in public will earn these girls a badge and it’s a life skill that will serve them well in many circumstances.

Playing in the Past

Gaze back in history and find inspiration from real life characters. For this badge the troop will get a chance to learn some history of important people from the past then each girl will select a specific person to pretend to be. Using real life details blended with imagination the girls will construct costumes and perform daily chores and scenes to help deepen their understanding of the past and have fun being someone else! Troops are encouraged but not required to select their historical figures and research them a bit ahead of the clinic.

Troupe Performer

Have fun performing and learning basic stagecraft while earning a badge! Our resident HAM drama instructor will guide the girls through vocal warm ups, various theatre exercises and character work leading to a final performance starring your troop. Girls are encouraged but not required to bring in ideas or scripts (published or made up!) that they would enjoy performing and directing. Silliness and bravery are required.

Book Artist

Scouts will learn and examine parts of a book and gain an understanding of terms and tools specific for an introduction to bookbinding. Students will create an accordion folded book, a star book, and a pamphlet book by using classic bookbinding techniques of folding, gluing and sewing with a variety of traditional and nontraditional materials. Scouts will complete this workshop with an understanding of how to make different kinds of books while completing the badge for Book Artist.